My paintings are an invitation to see through my mind's eye.​​​​​​​
My passion for oil painting has led to over 40 plus years of professional work ranging from replicas to originals. There is nothing I cannot paint.
With the exception of commission work, all of my paintings are created out of my imagination of places I've never been. These worlds are an externalized manifestation of my consciousness. The depth, atmosphere and light in my paintings all reflect the inner feeling of serenity I long for. The creation of these spaces have given me permission to breathe more deeply and feel more present. 
After years of placing my identity in what I did for others, I had to find some way to express my 'self'. Through painting, I was able to discover a light in me that was mine where I could find solace. Through the most tumultuous times of my life, I would paint as a way to meet with that light in me and learn to take command of it. 
It has been such a gift to know that others have received as much from my paintings as I have in creating them. To have the ability to welcome people into my world is truly a source of joy for me. 
Thank you for visiting and taking interest in my work.